Michigan Prototype 1

This prototype was developed in the fall of 2013 by the University of Michigan ME450 class. They made significant changes including:
  • V-shaped channel that shortens the length of the machine
  • Helical device for adjusting where vacuum is applied
  • Laser-cut acrylic and delrin body
Designed by: Jit Yang Lim, Ryan Snyder, Zach Quanbeck, Eric Gu, Shawn Wright
A video of the prototype
December 9, 2013
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Design files

ME450F13Project23_Final_Report.pdf (25 MB) - Final report with drawings
linear_book_scanner.zip (42 MB) - CAD files for SolidWorks
laser_cutter_drawings.zip - DXF cutting files for laser cutter

These files were republished from https://github.com/wrightsh/Michigan-Linear-Book-Scanner (mirror) (license)